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Sunday, May 20, 2012

No churn Blueberry Ice Cream

Every summer, our consumption of ice cream, yogurt and other frozen yummies goes up like clockwork. I guess its just natural. Given that every summer is exponentially hotter than the last, or atleast seems like it, I'm not surprised. This year as summer kicked it, I knew what was in store. And right enough, we are now in what perhaps is the hottest month of the year. Last year, I'd tried my hand at a couple of ice creams - a delicious mango ice cream and a honey and roasted almonds ice cream,  both no churn, made without an ice cream machine. They were a big hit and this year I wanted to try out a few more. When I checked online there were so very many options, it was impossible to pick. So I went by what I had on hand. I made some vanilla bean ice cream and this yummy blueberry ice cream. More on the vanilla bean ice cream later.

It just so happens that I love blueberries. I think a lot of folks do. But you see, here in Mumbai, finding fresh blueberries is impossible. And its the same with frozen ones too. Back in Goa, these little gems grow wild and till date I remember our annual vacation trips to Goa and how we'd go berry picking every once in a while. I used to look forward to it all year. We don't go there as often anymore, not in the summer atleast. So when I was in Panchgani on one of our weekend getaways, I spotted a Blueberry crush at a Manama factory outlet. I was elated and picked it up at once. I knew this was as close to the real thing that I would get for a while. It tastes divine and even has little berry pieces.  And this crush is what I used for this no churn ice cream. However, if you are fortunate enough to have access to the berries, fresh or frozen, I would suggest using it, I can only imagine how much better it would make this ice cream. I didn't use any sugar, since I used Rich's sweetened soya cream.

No Churn Blueberry Ice Cream

200g Rich's sweetened soya cream
Manama's Blueberry crush, to taste

Whip the cream till it is nice and light and fluffy.

Add the crush to the cream and stir well to incorporate thoroughly.

Taste and add more crush as required and mix well.


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