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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Notes from Sydney!!!

So we're here in Sydney in the middle of winter and its absolutely beautiful. It does get a tad cold from time to time, but we're enjoying every minute of it. Walking through the grocery isles over here is amazing. There is so much to choose from, whether it is fresh produce, meat and seafood or baking ingredients and accessories :) I've been a happy camper just looking through stuff, like a kid in a candy shop. I haven't really got down to serious cooking or baking yet, as we are still in the process of settling in, finding a place to stay, job hunting and the like.

We're moving into our rental home in another days time. Its a cozy little place and has a tiny little kitchen. Not something I'm used to, I must admit. Cooking here will be a little challenging but I know I'm going to work my way around that. Maybe, I'll start noting down a 'chronicles from a little kitchen' series while I'm at it :) It just may encourage others with limited space to try their hand at a home cooked meal.

Oh yes, I did stop by a local craft store yesterday and boy! was it a big one. There was so much stuff in there. I originally went in to buy some yarn to crochet a few things, but there were so many options, I didn't end up picking anything. That just not like me. But I fully intend going back once we move and getting started on a few projects.

Notes from Sydney will continue as we explore more places and experience what this fabulous city has to offer. Don't forget to stop by soon. 

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  1. Great write up from Sydney. Would appreciate if accompanied by sights of the places you visited.


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